This year we shall hold our 33rd traditional International Festival of Innovation, Knowlodge and Creativity TESLA FEST 2019. The event will take place on October 12. to 15. under the auspices of the Government of Serbia, The Government of Autonomus Province of Vojvodina and the Town of Novi Sad. Featuring:

  • Exhibition of innovation,new products and technologies
  • Exhibition of industrial design,brands,hallmarks of geographic origin and trade marks
  • Competition and Review of Technical Creativity „Juvenile Innovaton potencial“
  • International Conference on on innovation and Inntelectual Property under the auspices of WIPO
  • Cultural contents
  • Awards ceremony
  • Tesla Fest
  • Tesla Fest

Over five hundered participants display their innovations, new products know-how and projects, including individual inventors, young talents, students, entrepreneurs, schools, faculties, institutes, companies from Serbia, abroad exhibitors and inventors from more than 25 countries have attended TESLA FEST so far.

The International Jury awards the most successful participants gold, silver and bronze plaques portraying Tesla, and TESLA FEST Grand Prix goes to the best.

WIPO has special awards for the most successful inventor.

For 33 years TESLA FEST has grown into a substational event with economic, cultural and scientific significance within the country and also in the region, an event where innovation, invention and intelectual property is promoted thus enhancing overall development.

TESLA FEST facilitates business arrangements, prompts utiltization and implementation of inventions and ingenious concepts.

The organizor of TESLA FEST: Inventor's Association of Vojvodina.
Media Coverage: JMU RTV Vojvodina.

  • Tesla Fest
  • Tesla Fest